Company: MICA - Maryland Institute College Of Art
Project: Food Society
Timeline: 8 weeks
Role(s): UX Design, UX Research, & UI Design
Problem: While there are many online resources for professional chefs to network, there is a lack of opportunity for local passionate cooks that are trying to gain the same exposure. Our purpose is to create a platform for people to share a commonality with their peers in the community. 
Solution: The solution is to offer an equal opportunity for everyone in the local community to showcase his/her passion for cooking. It’s a place to share a common passion, a revolutionary way to connect and build relationships with better accessibility and usability. A one-stop shop to review current trends, network, search for new gigs, and show off talent. 

Goals: Work in a stress-free environment 
Be more creative Learn & teach others
Be part of a local community
Users want an app that can do everything and can look at multiple platforms.
Use cooking to share their passion for love.

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